Why Ascension?

Here at Ascension we understand that the most important factor in player development is the quality of training they are receiving. That is why we make it an emphasis to provide the best coaching staff and the most up-to-date training techniques to best equip each player with the tools necessary to succeed both on and off the court.

A better brand of volleyball

Volleyball as it is taught in the majority of the clubs across the region is simply outdated. The game has grown and evolved over the years and Ascension Volleyball Academy was conceived by the notion that a more innovative approach in how we understand and teach the game will yield better results. We challenge norms and remain on the forefront of technical and tactical advancements of this complex sport.

A more efficient practice

We pride ourselves on getting the most out of our practices. Not only do our competitive play-based drills translate better in the short-run, our clubwide curriculum ensures consistency and continuity that achieves long-term results as well.

A well-rounded individual

We provide a safe and fun learning environment where players are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones in order to achieve maximal growth. Mistakes are met with reassurance which allows our players to better face the inevitable adversities experienced both in the game of volleyball and in the game of life. All of these factors contribute to a unique training experience where our players GET. BETTER. FASTER. and allow our coaches to help grow the person beyond the player.